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President's Report

Twin Cities NACE, Happy November! 2019 is near its end, but we have so much left to do! This month’s newsletter is highlighting all of the BIG pieces we have left for this year.

Tonight, November 6th, Twin Cities NACE is volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. We have a great group registered for this event and are looking forward to helping at the house tonight and getting to see how they operate such an important space.

This is our last community outreach event for 2019, and the entire Twin Cities NACE Board of Directors would like to say thank you to all who donated items and time during the year to our community.

Next month, on December 4th, the annual holiday celebration will take place at Muse Event Center. This is the night of membership awards, festive food and flair and a (surprise) visit from Santa. We are so proud to announce the following award categories and nominees:

Most Attended Member

Most Attended Company

Creative Partner of the Year

Member of the Year

Program of the Year (Nominees Below… drum roll please!)

  • Program Nominee: Modern Etiquette
    • Host Property: Loews Minneapolis Hotel
    • Lighting by Ignite Lighting and Entertainment
    • Speaker: Terrie Bulanek, CPCE
    • Catering by Loews Minneapolis Hotel
  • Program Nominee: Historic Venues: A Panel Discussion
    • Host Property: Van Dusen Mansion
    • Speakers: Linda DeRoode, Jessica Sutherland, Nicole McMahon, Chaz Tichy
    • Catering: Mintahoe Catering and Events
  • Program Nominee: Event Experiences: A 360 degree look at logistics and safety for sales and operations
    • Host Property: Mystic Lake Center | Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
    • Speaker: Richard Thake
    • Creative Design: Festivities
    • Catering: Mystic Lake Center
  • Program Nominee: Transparency and Integrity in Numbers, from Sales to Execution
    • Host Property: Hyatt Minneapolis
    • Speaker: Michael Stavros
    • Catering: Hyatt Minneapolis
  • Program Nominee: National Experience Conference Recap!
    • Host Property: DoubleTree by Hilton Saint Paul Downtown
    • Creative Design: Event Lab
    • Photo Experience: The Slow Motion Booth, Chris Meyer
    • Speaker: Jackie Kaelble
    • Catering: DoubleTree by Hilton Saint Paul Downtown
  • Program Nominee: Event Contracts: What you should know
    • Host Property: Crowne Plaza Plymouth
    • Creative Design: Hana April Inc. (Hana Chughtai)
    • Speaker: Mindas Juska
    • Catering: Crowne Plaza Plymouth

Members: An email with a survey for you to vote on the top 3 programs will go out next week! Winners will be announced at the holiday event on December 4th.

Please join us as we close out 2019 at this wonderful event! This is our final NACE program of the year, and we look forward to seeing all of you. Nominees are welcome and encouraged to bring their teams, plus one and anyone who has supported them in their catering and event career over the last year! We are thrilled to recognize all of you.

At the December 4th meeting we will be sharing the 2020 Twin Cities NACE event date calendar that will include all 2020 dates for events / programs to help in your scheduling. We know things fill up quick, and we hope that giving out the dates now will allow for you to join us more next year.

We have had some exciting changes and additions to our Board of Directors this year. We are thrilled to welcome NACE members in new roles to help the chapter grow professionally and continue to create strong education. We have an opening for an exciting role on the board: Director of Programs! We know that designing events are what you all do best, and we can’t wait to fill this role with someone from our NACE community. Ideally, we would like to create this position with two co-chairs to work in tandem on monthly NACE events. Please reach out to me directly if you have interest. We will hold a special vote during our December event to elect the director(s) for programs. I will be happy to speak to and share the position with anyone interested. To qualify, you must be a NACE member in good standing for 1+ year. Being on the BOD has helped me grow professionally in so many ways, and I feel like the programs position gives you such great experience in the industry. I am ready to talk to you! (Even if you are only a little bit interested.)

Finally, please reach out if you would like to host or sponsor any part of a 2020 Twin Cities NACE event. Our Board of Directors is working to place all interested members first, and then will reach out to the rest of our catering community. We want to make sure you have the opportunity to showcase who you are and what you do if you are interested. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have questions: [email protected]

See you all on December 4th!                                                                           

P.S – we are announcing a HUGE education detail about the Twin Cities NACE Edu annual conference. This is going to fill up quickly, so please join us December 4th to get the details and lock in early bird pricing.

My best,
Lindsay Frank
Twin Cities NACE Chapter President

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